Who studies international law?

In an attempt to put something so broad in a few words, international law is the study of the law that governs legal relations between one or more countries. In more detail, international law is concerned with the rights and duties of countries in times of war and peace. Its objective is to create and ensure stable relations between nations. If you want to study international law, you can experience a varied and exciting student life with a multitude of career options after graduation.

Almost every field of law now contains a substantial international element. From the global movement of goods and services to transnational human relations, our international law students prepare to practice in a legal world that expands to every corner of the world. If you want to use your international law degree to work internationally, consider searching for job offers on the official websites of international organizations. Vanderbilt's International Legal Studies program provides a solid intellectual and practical foundation for students who want to practice international law.

If you decide to study international law, you will gain argumentation skills, but you will also start by learning about the basics of law and how international and national organizations and institutions work. The International Law Concentration aims to respond to students' articulated interest in international law and is open to anyone with a genuine interest in pursuing this rapidly expanding area. International law positions, particularly those with international organizations or abroad, often have degrees that are obviously not associated with the law profession. Each year, a 2 liter increase is selected to receive the Helen Strong Curry International Legal Studies Fellowship, which provides supplemental funding for each of the second and third years of law school to support the study of international law.

International law lawyers represent nations or international organizations, and generally handle cases within specializations such as immigration, finance, and business. Students also have the opportunity to interact with other top-tier international legal professionals and academics who come to Vanderbilt to participate in academic conferences and conferences sponsored by the International Legal Studies program.